ADD Virtual Office Service for:

Business Mailing Address, Mail Service, and Meeting Rooms

Why you Need a TRUE Space Virtual Office

In addition to registered agent service 

Texas corporate filings require both a Business Mailing Address (business address) and a Registered Agent Address. Your TRUE Texas Registered Agent Address is ONLY for use on your corporate filing as the Registered Agent Address. The Registered Agent Address is NOT to be used as your: corporate address; mailing address; Principal Office; Principal Place of Business; or Initial Mailing Address. If you don't want to use your home address, and don't have another business mailing address, you need a VIRTUAL OFFICE. A virtual office is the answer if you don't want to use your home address on your very public corporate filing, websites, advertising, etc. Or you will need a virtual office (mailing address in the state) if you are filing to do business in Texas as a "foreign" out of state corporation".

A TRUE Space virtual office is a commercial business address, mailbox service, and business meeting place that is used to make your business appear more professional, add locations, operate more efficiently, and boost the odds of success. If you ADD Virtual Office Service, that address can be used as your Initial Mailing Address, Place of Business, and Principal Office Address on your corporate filing. TRUE Space offers the best value for virtual office service in the state starting at just $29/month. We are also the only registered agent service legally authorized by the US Post Office to also provide business mailing address services in the state of Texas.

Virtual Office Services Include:

  1. Multiple processional office locations to use as formal corporate address
  2. Business mailbox (receive business mail)
  3. Email notification when mail arrives
  4. Use as your Initial Mailing Address, Place of Business, and Principal Office Address on state and federal corporate filings
  5. Eligible to rent meeting rooms at any TRUE Space location 
  6. Directory listing in TRUE Space lobby
  7. Free parking for mail pickup
  8. Saturday mail pickup capability
  9. Boost your business image!

Your TRUE Space virtual office enables you to work from anywhere with the perception that you are located at the virtual office address. The office building address provides credibility with clients, banks, vendors, and employees. When trying to build business credit you need a real U.S. Post Office recognized commercial address; and all TRUE Space locations meet that need. When forming and LLC, or incorporating you are putting your business address out there for the world to see. Separating your business life from your personal life is important so you don't end up with clients showing up at the front door of your house.

Mail received at the virtual office address can be picked up or forwarded to you. We send email alerts letting you know when mail arrives, making your life more efficient.

Having access to meeting rooms is a must have item. Use the meeting spaces for sales meetings, one-on-one conversations, employee interviews, board meetings, etc. You can project your laptop screen onto the wall mounted TV. Or, use the huge markerboard to train, or brainstorm with your team. The right meeting environment can do wonders for the success of your business!

Finally, a TRUE Space Virtual Office opens the door for online advertising and access to amazing free services like Google My Business and Bing Places that allow you to literally put your business on the online maps.

The Virtual office service is separate from registered agent address service and the addresses cannot be used interchangeably. The Virtual Office Address does not meet the compliance rules for a Registered Agent address and the Registered Agent address cannot be used for normal business address purposes. Together they give you the two addresses you need for your business operations. TRUE Space is the only registered agent service in the state legally authorized by the US Post Office to provide business address services.

Virtual Office service combined with Registered Agent service can be obtained using the View Virtual Office Website button below.

If you need instantly active Registered Agent Service, complete that purchase on this website. Then, explore and add virtual office services afterwards.